Monday, February 28, 2011

I've been a bum

Quite the bum. You could also say lazy, a slacker, indifferent, passive, get the idea. Since sometime in, oh I don't know.... November(???), I've seriously neglected my ABC's: activity, blogging and cycling. In that time frame, being active has been a handful of hikes, snowshoe outings, skates on the canal and an afternoon of snowboarding. Blogging has been hoping that people continue to enjoy my Merry Christmas greeting until March, and cycling has been....pretty non-existent. I HAVE been commuting to work all winter, and have only missed three days due to snow, but I usually don't count commuting as any kind of training.

 One of the few hikes I got out on this winter, with a little extra resistance training!

Well, it dawned on me last week that I probably have the current fitness level of a couch potato. So I rode the trainer for the FIRST time this winter just 10 days ago, and got out for road rides the past two weekends. Oh, and I went to watch the roller races 2 weekends ago, but that only involved drinking beer. Which also leads to the other subject of my Trust me, drinking beer has NOT been neglected this winter. Come to think of it, I may have been drinking just a little TOO much beer...all the more reason to get my ass in gear. I know I'm in for a real wake up call come spring, but that's OK. I feel like my priorities have shifted a bit, and that means getting odd jobs and small renos done around the house. Of course, these small jobs end up turning into big projects and involve multiple trips to Home Depot, but I'm learning crap like how to replace plumbing pipes and "handy man" stuff like that.

 Thankfully, I haven't turned into this...yet.

 I'm actually more like this dude these days, right down to the brown overalls and the massive guns.

Hopefully I can show a bit more discipline over the next few weeks and keep up the likes of these roller riding pros come the spring.

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