Monday, March 21, 2011

Blingy road bikes

"Should be a perfect day for the blingy all-road bikes that have been hiding indoors all winter."

This was in the email that Matt sent out on Saturday. After a dry ride on Saturday, I thought "Wicked, I'm gonna bust out my road bike for Sunday." After four plus hours and 114km of riding out to Cascades and Wakfield with a good crew, this was my road bike (or the worst of it):

Any bling was gone.  Lessons learned: 1) Dry roads on the Ontario side does not mean dry roads on the Quebec side. 2) Don't listen to Matt.

I have to poke just a little fun at Matt, but I was also the only one in a group of 8 who showed up without fenders. DOH!

All in all, a great ride out in the sun, good company, and sore legs today.

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