Monday, August 16, 2010

Double Double (attempt)

My plan for this past Saturday was to ride a double double. That does not have anything to do with this:

 or this,


I have no friggin' idea what this is supposed to be, or achieve.

or even this (go ahead and google "double double"...some pretty funny stuff there):

No, double double for me meant go out on the Cyclelogik ride, but cut out early to get in two hours of riding. Once home, load up the mountain bike and head to Kanata Lakes for two hours there. Only problem is that the group ride was crazy, HARD fast! Average speed for 2 hours of riding was 36.7km/hr. On top of that, I  spent some time riding at the front. So when the time came for me to head home, I thought "there's no WAY I'm going mountain biking after this...I'm too spent!" I stuck it out for the rest of the ride and then struggled home against the wind. But, I took satisfaction in knowing that I rode the snot out of my legs (whatever the hell that means).

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