Friday, August 13, 2010


Randomness from the last week:

Started the Cyclelogik ride and got two, yes TWO flats!
A random rider passing by gave me a tube so I wouldn't have to use patches. (On a side note, no one stops for mechanicals on the Cyclelogik ride).
Arrived home in a pissy mood 'cause I only ended up getting 85 minutes of garbage riding.

Rode up to Mt. Cascades to meet the fam for an afternoon at the water park.
Decided that waving to cyclists in the opposite direction is a waste of trying to be one waved back! Oh, wait, I did get one wave, but that was from someone I know, so that doesn't count.
Ran into Rodd, Ariel and Chris outside of Wakefield. You might think "what are the chances?", but in reality, the chances are actually pretty good.
At the Wakefield spring, I signed a petition to have an environmental assessment done on highway work that could potentially affect the spring. In other words, should the highway work go ahead, there might not be a spring anymore.

Hooked up for the B loop of the park. It was a small group, just 8 of us, but it was still painful. Not doing any intensity for awhile will do that to ya.

Went for a quick ride and tried to get some pics. Had a good ride, as for the pics, well, they're *alright*, I suppose.

This shot was supposed to be of my shadow on the road. Yeah, I wasn't even close, but I kinda like the way it turned out.

This is a shot of a steady climb on Cedarview road. It doesn't look like much of a climb in this pic, but it's just long enough to make hammering up it a good effort.

Train crossing on Twin Elm road. I didn't have enough time to take a good pic...the train was going at a good clip and it was only 4 cars long, but I felt obliged to get a pic for the sake of the blog. And um, yeah, that's it.


  1. Saw you headed back from your unfortunate Sat ride and wondered what was up but figured it was just a scheduling thing. You could've jumped into the b group and soft pedaled it through but no matter,
    not every ride can be great.

  2. By that point I had resigned myself to riding home. Like you said, not every ride can be great...there's always bound to be a crappy one here and there.