Sunday, April 17, 2011

Break my body (I'm falling apart)

Break my body...that's what I feel like is happening to me. Although my back is improving, I've suffered another set-back. In an effort to protect my back, I've been doing all lifting and bending with my legs, and so yesterday morning, while I was squatting to put some shoes on Lil' D, very suddenly, I got an excruciating pain behind my right kneecap. I thought that maybe my quad was tight and needed to be stretched out, but that just compounded the pain. It ended up being bad enough that putting weight on my knee in any position (straight or bent) was painful. Walking hurt, and stairs....forget it. Icing has had almost no effect on making the pain better. The pain is still there today, not as intense, but limiting nonetheless.

Two weekends in a row of not riding, pretty damn frustrating.

At least I got out last night to see (IMO), one of the greatest bands of all time, The Pixies. They're "a little" older than in the above video, but they put on a good show nonetheless. If you're familiar with their work, this tour was the "Doolittle Tour", an album which for me, is tied with Trompe le Monde for their best work. I started listening to The Pixies in high school, so last night's show was sort of a trip down memory lane for me. The only difference is that in high school I didn't have a bad back or a bum knee.

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  1. That sucks, Stu... I had some fairly bad knee pain during Paris-Roubaix so I'm trying to take it easy for a bit and stick with the long slow distance. Let me know if you want to go out for a gimp knee recovery ride. Cheers!