Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ride of the Damned mini re-cap

A quick re-cap of Sunday's Ride of the Damned. First, let's go back to Saturday, when it was cold and pissing rain all day. The forecast (which I was checking every hour), was calling for a relatively dry day on Sunday. YES! Bust out the road bike. I didn't even give a second thought to a back up plan in case it rained.....woke up Sunday morning and it was...cold and pissing. Fortunately, my cross bike was fendered up and ready to go, so even though my road bike is more comfortable than my cross bike, a dry ass is also very comfortable.

On arrival at Lac Leamy, there was a good sized crowd...looks like people were unfazed by the rain. I was "teamless", so I was waiting to find out who I would be riding with. Before launching, I was assigned to a West Quebec Wheelers group with John Large, Jason and Dave.
We got rolling along, and it didn't take long until the rain stopped, but it felt like we were riding in our own little rain storm with the spray being kicked up by tires.

Jump ahead to the end of the Cascades road where it merges with the 366. Dave informs the group that he's toast and is having thoughts of turning back. John said that as long as we keep him out of the wind, he'd be fine. I asked him if he'd done done a long ride the day before, and he informed me that he's working on his Master's, and so with little time to ride, his longest ride so far this year had been an hour long. Talk about baptism by fire!! Onto the gravel roads, we stuck together...the climbs took their toll on Dave but he toughed it out. We kept on trucking, on to the dam, through Low and all the way back. We ended up riding with another group consisting of a couple of Ride with Rendall riders and a few others. We made it back to Lac Leamy with all team members intact, and were greeted by Glen who promptly filled our hands with a cold beer!

Highlights for me were the gravel roads between the 366 and the Paugan dam, meeting new riders and finishing with the group we started out with.

A big thanks to the Tall Tree for once again organizing such an awesome event.

Photos by Will can be found here.

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