Monday, May 30, 2011

A week of firsts

Going back 9 days to last Saturday, here's the lowdown on a bunch of firsts for the season:

-Saturday, first Cyclelogik ride of the year: it was a smaller group, on account of many of the "elite" riders racing later that afternoon in the Gatineau Grand Prix. The pace was still high, though, and I managed to hang with the lead group for the whole ride.

-Sunday, first mountain bike ride of the year: got out to Kanata Lakes for a loop, taking in Outback and other trails. (Besides, what's a trip to Kanata Lakes WITHOUT Outback). There were lots of muddy spots and standing water, but for the most part it was dry...Kanata Lakes drains pretty well. Once again I was reminded why I love these trails so much and how I've missed mountain biking for the last 7 or 8 months.

 About halfway to getting really muddy.

-Tuesday, first A loop of the year, or Gatineau challenge (whatever you want to call it). Got dropped by the lead pack on Black's, but found myself in some pretty good company in the chase group. The route this year is waaaaaaay harder than a usual loop of the park. After going under the Kingsmere bridge, the pack loops around and heads back, then makes a right to head up towards Champlain...KILLER!

-Saturday, first mountain bike ride in the park: it was a short ride, 2 hours, taking in 15 and 1. I rode trail 1 all the way down to old Chelsea and was hugely disappointed that the section from the parkway to Old Chelsea has been completely graded over. This USED TO BE a super fun section of trail, and now, well, I'm kinda still pissed about it....damn NCC. There were a fair number of bikers and hikers on the trail, and on one section of double track downhill I was pleasantly surprised by a group of hikers who all stepped OFF the trail to let me by, and were all smiles. It was a nice change from the cold stares and grumbles I typically seem to get from hikers on SHARED trails.

 Cool and foggy near the MacKenzie King estate. The foliage (yeah, I know, fancy word) in the park is REALLY green right now, and the damp air Saturday morning made it feel like I was biking in a rainforest.


  1. they graded the section running past Pink down to the pathway? jeesus.. That section hasn't required jack-shit for maintenance in the two decades I've ridden it (other than minor & unnecessary sanitizing) so why would they bother spending time/money to make a trail less enjoyable and less natural??

    What a pack of hopeless clowns.

    Dollars to donuts, if they were challenged on it (assuming such a thing would even be possible) they would hide behind their 'Master Plan' that they spend 10 years writing and then handcuffed themselves to for another 10yrs.

    atta be responsive to the community NCC. fail.

    Sorry Stu to rant on your space. FYI. Flannys, Brians, Black Bear at CF were in great shape last Wed despite all the rain. I Didn't ride the course as the race was on, but I expect it's in good nick also but probably with a few more wet spots.

  2. Good to hear CF is in good shape.

    The section of trail that got graded over is the start of trail 1 (near the T-intersection in Old Chelsea) up to where it crosses the parkway and becomes Penguin.

  3. did you catch the OMBA signage on that 'paved' section?!? I do believe that OMBA didn't even work on them . . . from what I understand they consulted with the park and the NCC went about doing the work. Fugg me! I am sure OMBA didn't tell them to flatten it.

    New campaign this year: Poach The Park & F*ck The NCC

  4. Alright!!! Lets set up some "Poach the Park" sessions!