Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday and Saturday (Reader's Digest Version)

Here’s Friday and Saturday in a quick nutshell.


Rode at Kanata Lakes…linked together a bunch of trails including outback, of course. Did a side trip down rockhopper (at least I think that’s what trail it was), and came across a new obstacle.

Pretty creative way to use existing features.

I gave it a couple goes, but didn’t clean it. The loose small rocks made it tough to maintain traction, and the turn at the apex was pretty tight. I’ll give it another go one of these days.

Got home and tried a new beer.

Nickel Brook Premium Organic Lager

Don’t have much good to say about it…it tasted kinda funky, was cloudy, didn’t have much carbonation, and was a little bitter for my liking. Oh well. Live and learn.


Did the Cyclelogik ride. Great weather…the route took a couple of different turns today, and overall, was FAST! From the start, it was a large group, maybe 40 or so, but over the course of the ride, (and after a couple hills), the group was whittled down to a lead group of 13. Average speed for the ride was 37.2km/hr!!! (over 65km). The thing is, almost all of the pulling was done by Aaron Fillion…this guy is a friggin’ machine. I couldn’t get over how often he would take the lead and just PUSH the pace. Unbelievable! It seemed like he would pull for about 5 minutes, take a break for a couple of minutes, then take over at the front...again and again! I was talking to some riders later who said Aaron Fillion has been getting stronger and stronger over the last month....I guess that's what being a national champion will do for you!

Stay tuned for a ride report on the Tall Tree Quintuple Pave Classic.

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