Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whatever happened to Greg LeMond?

I don't check out very often, but I happened to come across an interesting article. Perhaps not really an article, and because I'm tired right now (but this bowl of chocolate ice cream should perk me up), I can't think of a better word to describe the category of writing that this piece falls under (which is why I'm anything BUT a journalist, boy this is a run on sentence...I'm gonna stop...NOW). It's more like a non-fiction-journalistic-memoir/lamentation, or something like that.
I thought this would be more of a LeMond bashing piece, seeing as how anytime he turns up in the media, he's pointing the finger at other riders. But, it turned out to be something different, and it reminded me about the years when I started following cycling. I remember the classic duel between LeMond and Hineault, I remember when LeMond beat Fignon by 8 seconds, and I remember those cool Vetements Z kits (at least they looked cool to me back in the day!)

This piece brought me back, and made me forget, for a short time at least, the negative attention LeMond has been bringing upon himself recently.

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