Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newest Addition to the Family

Ok, so this post title is a "little" misleading. No, little baby Blunt has not made his/her debut in this world. Rather, I'm the proud owner of a brand new bike. It's a Trek Soho S (the S is for Singlespeed, but it's also pretty super!). I'm currently using my Fisher Mendotta for commuting, but starting next week, the Soho will take over commuting duties until about May. In the meantime, the Mendotta will get whipped into shape for cross season.

Newest member of the family

The Soho came as a single speed, but it has a fip flop (to the hip hop) hub for fixie goodness. I was forced to get a new fixie this year 'cause some punks stole mine one out of my backyard back in June. It was partially my fault, 'cause I didn't have it locked up. But COME ON, who's gonna steal a crappy old steel bike that was converted to a fixie?!?!? What punk can actually ride a fixie? AND, it had clipless pedals! Talk about an unride-able bike!! Oh well, like I said, it was partly my fault.

Me and the old fixie back in January after a commute from work.

When the Soho is ready to roll, it'll have some fenders and a rack on it. And, like I said, I'll flip the hub and throw on a 17 tooth cog, running a 44 x 17 all winter. The 44 x 17 makes it just hard enough that I have to muscle my way up hills and give a little extra when starting from a stop. But that's what makes it the perfect off-season training weapon. Just don't tell anyone, shhhhhhhh.......

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