Sunday, October 4, 2009

2 hours, 20 minutes

That's how much biking I got in this past week (not including 2 commutes). Actually, that's the tally for for the past TWO weeks (and a total of 4 comuutes). 2 rides, and 1 session on the rollers (does the latter really count, though?). So, how do I top off these 2 weeks of inactivity? By racing the madison cross race today! No point in easing into things. Might as well jump in headfirst and hope for the best. The nice thing about today's race is that it was real close to home...about a 7 minute bike ride. It also allowed Sonia and Dalia to come and hang out. I figured I've gotta immerse Dalia in as much cycling culture and atmosphere as possible. However, throughout the race she was in such a deep sleep that not even the cowbells could make her stir.

I was paired up with my buddy Rick, and it was decided that I would deal with the chaos of riding the first lap.  I'm not sure how many riders were lined up for the start, but it was A LOT! The first lap was a bit shorter than a full lap, but that didn't still hurt! When I went out for my second lap, I went hard right off the bat, which turned out to be a mistake because I couldn't hold the intensity, felt like I was gonna puke, and I didn't make up any real ground. Third lap I started a bit easier and then ramped things up towards the end. Fourth and final lap I just went hard. I felt good on this lap and I think I even got faster as the lap went on.

At this time, I'm not sure how we did in the final results (keep checking here). But, really, the final result doesn't matter, as the cross races are a good time combined with a KILLER workout. I'm hoping to get out for a couple more races, we'll just have to see how much sleep Dalia lets us have in the next two months!

 Rick rolling through the finish. Check out the grimace on his face. He's feeling GREAT!

 Mike. We were almost neck and neck on each lap. I kept looking back to make sure he wouldn't catch me!

 Matt, looking waaaaay too fresh at the end, decided to "Vogue".

Rick, no longer grimacing.

Jamie and Matt. Represent.

Rick and I.

Requisite shot of Dalia, practicing her single finger braking technique.

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