Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Century

Today, I put in some monster mileage and intensity all rolled into one. With a week to go until Wilderness 101, I needed desperately to get in some riding, so I figured, why not try and simulate what's gonna go down next weekend. I accomplished this first by doing the Cyclelogik ride out to Carp. Almost 85km at an average speed of 36.9 km/hr...yeah, that'll cause some pain.
After that bit of suffering, I went out and tacked on a loop of the park. It was a struggle after such a hard group ride, but I reasoned that I would probably be in the same condition at some point in next Saturday's race.
After all was said and done, here's what I ended up with:

A century in under 5 hours.

I deserved this after today's riding. A "Dagwood" club with a side of poutine. That's 4 slices of rye with a ton of deli meat and cheese. And don't forget the beer!


  1. ding dang dong that's alot of poutine! where, WHERE, did you get it? I must know!