Monday, November 8, 2010

Almonte Cross take pictures

As most of you know by now, the City of Ottawa has decided to revoke the park permits for the remainder of the cross season, meaning that yesterday's race was moved to the Almonte venue...which is not a bad thing. The course did not dissappoint....tight, technical, twisty, hilly, painful, slick, greasy, cold and wet. All the things that make for good cross riding. Yesterday's race was a family affair, with Sonia and Lil' D coming out to watch the potential carnage. That meant getting out the door a little on the late side, and only about a half lap for warm up...oh well. I'm not gonna talk about how the race went down for me, since it would sound pretty much like all other previous posts. So instead, I'm just gonna throw up some pics that Sonia took and make some feeble attempts to write witty captions. Enjoy!

 Photographer and cheerleaders for the day.

Everone lookin pretty clean.

Bushtukah tech #1, Adrian. This corner was tricky, and I had a hard time nailing the perfect line here.

Bushtukah tech #2, Phil. Check the snot dripping from his nose. Taking a cue from the Original Big Ring, it's funny cause it's snot dripping from his nose.

Sonia likes this pic in an arty photo kind of way. Oh, and that's Rob flying up the long run-up from hell.

Not sure how I managed NOT to wipe out here.

According to Sonia, Matt ALMOST wiped out here.

Bushtukah tech #3, Geoff. Another one of Sonia's fave pics.

Darren and I were back and forth for most of the race. He got away from me on on the straights, and then I would catch up on the downhills, get ahead, and then get caught. On and on it went, until I wiped out on the last lap and couldn't make up the lost ground....damn bugger!

I'm pretty sure this is moments before Pascal started DRY HEAVING! That's right, DRY HEAVING!!!! Friggin' hardcore, man.

Rodd, displaying fine form.

This is what it's all about...

 ....and this too.

Tomorrow, a beer post!


  1. That is a dirty 'stache! Great pics from Sonia - she should come out more often! I think Almonte has become a favourite of mine because of the hills. Its my only advantage...
    And how you didn't bail rolling over that dudes wheel, I still don't know, but that was insane!

  2. Haha!! Oh yeah, I forgot about that! My mountain biking skills came through to save the day.