Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Muskoka Harvest Ale

Muskoka brewery in one Ontario brewery who's beers have not disappointed me. Awhile back I got a chance to sample all of their beers when I picked up their mixer pack. There's a good variety of different beers, from ales, to lager and wheat beer (although the pilsner light and the premium lager are pretty similar), but you're sure to find a favorite amongst the bunch.

 One of every Muskoka beer is included in the mixer pack.

A seasonal that they have out now, and I wanted to try it and tell you about it before it runs out in stores, is their harvest ale. The description on the (750ml!) bottle reads "this is a well hopped pale ale made with a handpicked selection of locally grown ingredients...(it) is dry hopped to contribute a fresh aroma and a subtle grassy character to the ale, reminiscent of the harvest." Not being the harvesting type, this beer didn't bring back any memories of such, but grassy is one way to describe the flavour and aroma. I would even go so far to say there were hints of pine in there too. The grassy/pine characteristic definitely comes from the hops, and this is one hoppy beer. Of course, that leads to a bitter finish, but I don't mind bitterness when a beer has a real hoppy character. I tried this beer with a nice pot roast, which cut through the lingering bitterness. All that being said, if you want to try a hoppy ale, get this one before it's all gone.

Look at that! I managed to get more use out of our rotting Jack O'Lantern.

No cool props here, except for the Kona beer glass.

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