Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Frustration...hence the title of this entry. First, because I can't settle on a damn blog layout/format that I'm happy with...not even the colours! Sheesh! I'm sure it'll come to me in some sort of Eureka type moment. Second and foremost.....
Last night, I went out to ride the A loop of the park, and had the pleasure (I'm trying to keep this positive) of riding with several people who possessed some special skills in the area of riding in a pack. In trying to keep things positive, I'll focus on what these riders did well:
1) Ride all over the road
2) Ride in a line...shaped like an "S"
3) Suck other people's wheels
4) Let other people pull
5) Come close to cutting off other riders
6) Cross the yellow line

Every single one of these exceptionally skilled riders wore a Tri-O-Lacs jersey...I always thought triathletes could only ride in a straight line on aero bars, but apparantly they are gifted group riders as well with excellent handling skills. Hats off to you!

Please, please, PLEASE, if you are not comfortable in a pack, get some practice in a group ride with some friends or team-mates, not the weekly hammerfest.

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