Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ganaraska Marathon Race

Here it is, my first post. I'll be using this site to talk mostly about riding (bikes that is), the odd race report, bike products I love or hate, the occasional beer review and whatever other nonsense is on my mind.

So this past sunday, I raced in the Substance Projects Marathon race #3 at Ganaraska Forest. I headed up with the Original Big Ring and the Vegan Vagabond. Turns out that Craig is a closet gangsta hip-hopper who also loves listening to Pink, while Tanya is a HUGE Celine Dion fan (although she won't admit it). Who would have known?!?!?!?!?

Anyhow, I was looking forward to this race, as I've done Paul's a couple of times and was expecting pretty much the same, just 78Km instead of 100. From the start, I felt pretty good, but after about 5 minutes, my rear derailleur started going skipitty-skip on me, with some grinding and crunching thrown in for good measure. I fiddled with my barrel adjuster but to no avail, and for the first hour, I couldn't focus on riding smoothly. I was constantly being distracted by my derailleur. I told myself to screw it (not the barrel adjuster), and to keep riding, but the skipping didn't get any better. So, I kept riding, and riding, and riding...the full 78Km for roughly 4 and a half hours with a skipping chain and a derailleur that would not co-operate. I was dissapointed because I knew I could have ridden harder/faster, but at least I got in some riding on fun trails that I ride on average once a year.

I have to post what I ate after the race, because it impressed Craig so much:
1 recovery shake
1 Clif Bar
1 packet of Sport Beans
Half a big bag of Chips
A bottle of pop
Chip Wagon fries
A bowl of pasta
Two bowls of salad
A huge peice of Baguette drenched in olive oil
A Kawartha Dairy Death by Chocolate waffle cone
4 chocolate chunk cookies
1 Baconater combo from Wendy's

And DAMN it was good!!!!


  1. Yo! That's a dope first post y'al.

    Peace out. . .

  2. Not a Celine Dion fan! Vicious gossip spread by C to the B.

    Welcome to the Blog World, Stu!

  3. Welcome for bike dork blogdum Stu!