Saturday, July 18, 2009

Power Bar Gel Blasts

The other day, I got some NEW! (just like it says on the package) Raspberry Power Bar Gel Blasts. In fact, they are so NEW! that they're not even on the Power Bar website; they only list cola and lemon as the available flavours. These are on par with all the other "energy chews" coming out, like Sharkies, Gu Chomps, Sport Beans, etc... These guys are little different, since they are liquid filled...hmmmm....not sure how that will fly. The package is pretty big (60 grams), for a total of 190 calories, about twice the calories of other energy chews. There's also some sodium, protein and vitamin C thrown into the mix.

Ooops, should have taken the picture BEFORE digging in!

When I first pulled one out of the bag, candy is definitely the first thing that came to mind. More specifically, the wierd chewy-marshmallow type candies that are usually pretty disgusting.

Hmmmm, candy that's good for you?????

However, these things were pretty damn tasty, and actually very sweet, too. I was expecting a "BLAST" of liquid from the centre, but was let down here...perhaps a good thing? They were pretty chewy, more so than any other energy chews I've had. When I tried them on a ride, they were easy to chew, but like most sweet things, left a bit of sticky feeling in my mouth...nothing a bit of water couldn't take of.

Overall, these are pretty good, I'll definitely add them to my repetoire of various energy foods.



  1. I'm sticking with Sharkies, Chomps and Cliff Blocks . . . . a surprise in the middle?! No thanks.

  2. Awwwww, c'mon! I know you want to!!!!