Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brought to you by the word copious.

Got in a good ride this morning, but before I go into detail about it, I'm gonna see how much sympathy I can drum up by talking about how busy my weekend has been (and I'm sure I'll probably get about ZERO sympathy, but it was worth a try anyway). Here's what the last 3 days looked like:

-got home and went for a ride (an hour and a half of tempo intervals)
-cooked dinner
-did a little painting in the nursery

-did a lot of taping with painter's tape in the nursery
-painted the first coat of "skier's trail" (otherwise known as light blue)
-did a load of laundry
-bottled beer (I make my own homebrew, which I'll post about one of these days)
-painted the second coat of paint
-cooked dinner

-got out for a ride (see below)
-did another load of laundry
-painted a third coat of paint
-cooked dinner
-washed my road bike

OK, it may not actually look like much, but trust me, I didn't seem to have much free time this weekend (well, other than riding).

Today's ride was a double loop of the park. I was meeting The Autochthonous Colossal Circular Object and The Plant-Eating Nomad (thesaurus skills IN EFFECT!!) at 11:30 at the gate, so I headed out early and put in a reverse loop of the park. I managed to do the whole loop in my large ring (I do ride a compact double, so I'm not sure if that's cheating) with the exception of the Black's climb. Halfway through the loop, I stopped at the oft neglected Huron Lookout for a pic and a brief moment of seclusion (more thesaurus skills) to snap a pic.

Made it back to the gate to hook up with Craig and Tanya for another loop, this time going the "usual" way around. Managed to stay in the large ring again, except for the Pink lake climb. Part way through the ride, we got caught in a copious (you got it, thesaurus again!) downpour. I was about to wuss out under a bridge, but Craig pushed on, which meant Tanya and I had to as well (damn you Craig!). Of course, it didn't take long before the rain cleared up and we were greeted again by the sun. It was enough to dry me off, except for my feet, which were inundated (uh huh!) with water the whole way home. By the time I got home, I had ridden wonder I feel a little wiped...and hungry! Now I'm gonna gormandize another bowl of cereal and then it's off to bed. I hope that today's post was elucidative and didactic.

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