Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Amsterdam Brews

I feel the need to post something new, so here we go. Every time I pop into the LCBO (which is often enough, maybe a little too often), I'm always on the lookout for new beers to try, especially Ontario beers. This time around, some cans from Amsterdam Brewery caught my eye. First up, a blonde lager. The website describes it as a "very clean and well balanced hoppy beer". I have to agree. It was an easy drinking beer, not bad, but not great, either. I found it had a slightly sweet and citrusy taste.

Hmmmm, looks a bit like the Heineken label.

Mmmmmm, beeeeeeer.

The second beer, a nut brown ale, is described as "delivering an uncommon smoothness and distinct drink-ability". Yes, it's also an easy drinking beer, but it lacked the character that I like in a dark ale. It had a nice smokey flavour when it first hit the toungue, but the flavour wasn't lasting. Overall, an "ok" beer.

 The nut brown ale.

There you have it, my quick, unpretentious, tell it like it is beer reviews. Both beers are "ok", and most likely not a repeat purchase for me. Stay posted for some more seems that as time spent biking goes down, the time spent drinking beer goes up.

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