Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kanata Cross Race....Lots of pictures.

Made it out to the cross race today, but didn't ride...I just cherish my sleep too much these days. The whole fam got out to spectate and I tinkered with the camera to try and get some good shots of the action. There's a ton of pics of Tall Tree riders, but a lot of people I know happen to ride for them...I'm not some sort of weird Tall Tree Stalker. So here's a sampling of some of the pics I got. Enjoy.

 This is Kent after the first race. I thought that maybe he wasn't doing so well, but seeing as how there was no one around paying any attention to him, I figured he was ok.

 Start of the second race.

 Nick coming down the mountain. Um, well, hill, really.


 HUP HUP!!!!!!

Shawn, gunning for another Master A win.

 "The hill"

Ryan Atkins.
 EMD riders everywhere.

 Matt sucking wheel. His words, not mine!

 Shawn, chasing down Neil.

 Anna, coming down the hill.... 

.....around a bend and barrelling down the rest.

Matt, showing his "I love cross!" face. (Click on the picture for a bigger version and a better look at Matt's pain!)

Jamie's turn to "come down the hill".

Neil, getting close to the finish.

Nick, glad it's over.

 One last barrier before the finish.

Matt, with his...

...."happy I'm done" face.


  1. These are great shots Stu! Waaay better than my Tall Tree stalker collection from Almonte.

    Great to see you, Sonia and Dalia out today!

  2. Ha ha, thanks Tanya. It was great seeing you too.

  3. WHAT!?!?!? Why the hell weren't you racing?!?!?!

    Shame. For shame!

    hope the baby is doing fine