Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Safety is my Concern"

Two funny things happened to me on my commute today:

1) This was more of a scary-then-funny kind of moment. Biking down Baseline, approaching Woodroffe, I was passed by a pretty big truck...it was orange, maybe a City of Ottawa truck, and had a big opening in the back like the type of truck that is used for wood chipping...Anyhow, this big ass truck passed VERY CLOSE to me, enough to catch me off guard and make me say "Holy shit", and then as he kept driving past, there was a sign on the back that read "Safety is my Concern". Hilarious. Safety is his concern when he's not within inches of running cyclists off the road.

2) Continuing down Baseline, this time as I approached Prince of Wales Drive, I passed a bus stop with two people standing there waiting for the bus. One of them, out of nowhere, said, really loud, "BEEP BEEP!!" as I passed him. Gave me a good little chuckle, especially since he looked a bit like this:

1 comment:

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