Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NUE tentative schedule

The tentative schedule for the 2010 National Ultra Endurance series has been posted. This is a series of 100 mile mountain bike races that take place throughout the bike season around the states. The Mohican, June 5th, is a possibility, and the Wilderness 101, July 31st, is a certainty. If I'm gonna do the Mohican, I need to get some serious training in. One cool way is to get a training plan from the man himself, Chris Eatough. Otherwise, I'll just be plugging away at the mileage and intensity, but there's NO way I'm EVER gonna do a 3 hour trainer session!

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  1. Pffftttt . . . what do you think Eatough is going to see you? And where do you think he got his ideas?
    Moi . . . .