Thursday, April 8, 2010

I think I have a problem...(part 1)

Yes, it's a bike related problem. No, it's not that I own too many bikes. Compared to some of my riding buddies, my fleet (4 bikes) pales in comparison. No, it's a bit of an obsession, a quest for the perfect pair. Some might call it a fetish. I'm not so sure about that, but, I own a ton of gloves. I'm sure that there are others out there who have way more than I do, but 12 pairs of gloves might be a bit of overkill. So, with a bit of time to kill, I'm gonna do mini reviews on my whole collection....

 The Collection.

 First I'm gonna start with the not so good in my collection, the pairs that aren't really that great and don't get that much use. (Note: A lot of the gloves are at least a few years old, so model names might not be correct).

Sugoi Firewall(?) Glove. I got this glove about 4 years ago hoping it would provide warmth, rain and wind protection for cold commutes. Problem is I ordered them without trying them out first. What I ended up with was something that provides about as much protection as a wet newspaper. I believe this glove has been updated by Sugoi and is much better now.

 Pearl Izumi Zephyrr Shell glove. I bought these for the same reason as the above Sugoi gloves. The result in rainy weather? Might as well just dunk my hands in a bucket of ice water. Absolutely ZERO seam sealing, so these things only provide wind resistance, that's it.

I used to LOVE Specialized gloves.  I'm not so crazy about them anymore...I find the body geometry padding on the palm to be a little annoying, This pair must be almost 8 years old. They fit well, but they're a little too thick for warm days. I now just use these for commuting.

Specialized Ridge Glove.  Nice lightweight full fingered glove. The velcro tabs don't stick anymore, and again, the body geometry pad on the palm gets annoying after awhile, but otherwise, not a bad glove. Gets used for commuting.

Pearl Izumi (unknown model...maybe the select or elite). These gloves have lots of nice features...lightweight lycra back, just the right amount of padding, a fuzzy thumb for wiping snot and a nice fit. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stitching in a lot of places that digs into my hand and gets more painful the longer the ride. These don't get used a whole lot at all.

 RNH full finger gloves. I've had these guys for ages. They get used mostly on cooler days, and mostly for commuting. Just the right amount of padding in the palm, soft thumb for snot, and bombproof. What more could you ask for?

Since reading a single post on over 10 pairs of gloves would get a little, oh I don't know, a little like reading reviews over and over on garden sheds (I only use garden sheds as an example 'cause that's exactly what I've been looking at on the Canadian Tire website), I'm gonna hit you back some time later with my ramblings on the rest of my glove collection. Betcha can't wait!!!!!!!!

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