Friday, April 16, 2010

I think I have a problem....part two.

Last week, I went on about some of the not so hot gloves in my collection (and one good super old RNH gloves). Today, here are the rest of my gloves, for which I have nothing but praise.

Hincapie merino glove. Nice and cosy. Makes a good liner for colder days. Woven from the fibres of the mythical Merino Man Beast.

Time gloves. (Not sure what model these are.) I can rock these gloves down to about freezing. They keep out the wind, are fleecy inside, and even keep my hands dry in light rain.

Pearl Izumi Cyclone. Another great cool weather glove. Much like the Time's above, I can wear these down to about freezing. The nice thing with these is they have lots of padding for longer and rougher rides. The only downside is they don't offer much protection in medium to heavy rains.

Pearl Izumi AmFib Lobster Mitt (updated to the Barrier Lobster Mitt). My go to winter mitt. I've worn these for 3 winters now. They're starting to pack out a bit, which means in colder weather (minus 10 and below), I need to wear a liner with them. Otherwise, I love these mitts. On top of that, they easily allow me to do the Spock "live long and prosper".

Sugoi RS full glove. Nice light weight glove with just the right amount of padding in the palm. I've worn these for 2 seasons, and are now starting to show signs of wear. The other thing I love about these is no velcro tabs. Just pull 'em on and go!

Giro Bravo glove. Giro is relatively new in the glove game, but I love these gloves. Generous padding in the palm, you can't feel any of the stitching, and a nice soft snot wipe thumb. These gloves and the above Sugois are pretty much my go to gloves during bike season.

So there you have it, a glimpse into the rest of my collection of cycling gloves. And be assured that I'll be getting more gloves this year, whether I need them or not!

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