Saturday, May 15, 2010

Complaining about dirt??????

Today's stage in the Giro d'Italia turned into a muddy messy affair, when the route passed over dirt roads. Some riders were apparantly complaining about the stage (all quotes from

Friday's stage winner Matt Lloyd was a rider who was not so happy. He made huge effort to win in Marina di Carrara and finished in the gruppetto, 24:10 behind fellow Australian Cadel Evans (BMC).
"I can understand that they want a spectacular stage, but something like what we've just done is ridicoulous if you ask me," he told Cyclingnews after pulling on the green climber's jersey again.


"The last 45km were worse than Paris-Roubaix,” Vinokourov said. “It was a terrible stage because we went hard right from the start.

Waaa, Waaa, WAAAAA! (That's supposed to somehow replicate the sound of whining, or crying, pick whichever one you want.) However, some enjoyed the conditions.

"It was a spectacular stage,” said stage winner Evans. “We'd prepared things in fine detail for the dirt roads."

David Millar said: "I actually enjoy it when it's like this. I think this is what racing is all about. In a way, the worse the conditions, the better I seem to go. In the end it was just mano-a-mano and it was actually a lot of fun."

Tomorrow's ride, Tall Tree's Ride of the Damned, will have plenty of dirt, and rain or shine (fortunately, it's gonna be sunny), I won't be complaining.

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