Monday, May 17, 2010

Ride of the Damned

This is gonna be a relatively short post, not a lot of words, mostly pics. Mainly because if I don't do it now, it probably won't get up until next weekend. If you haven't already heard about the idea behind the Ride of the Damned, click here for a quick homework assignment.

When I rolled up to the start Sunday morning at Lac Leamy, I was told that I would be on a team with Jamie, Ariel, Thom and Steve. According to the results we were the Tall Tree Hung Squad. Not sure what "Hung" is referring to...I mean yeah, ok, we're all basically riding around in underwear, but come on, who's been checking out packages?!?!?!

Some brief highlights of the ride:

-sunny all day, not too hot

-gravel roads in great condition, with a good amount of climbing

-awesome spread of food at the checkpoint in Low

-Ariel suffered from some bad leg cramps. At one point he was forced off his bike and had to squat in the ditch. One team that rode by thought he was taking a dump.

-great post ride BBQ

A big thanks to Matt and the Tall Tree Crew for putting on a well organized, fun event.

After the neutralized start. Check out Ariel over on the left, looking to see if other teams are "Hung".

It's a Tall Tree Swarm!!!

Rodd cresting the climb before the Dam at Low.

 This little guy is at the start of Cross Loop Road.  He looks quite happy taking a dump.

Jamie on the last gravel bitch of the day.

Steve, making his way up the Cross Loop climb.

Purty view from Cross Loop Road.

Post ride BBQ action.

I won this pint glass as a door prize. Rodd suggested that I use it for my beer reviews....and that's what I'm gonna do. Thanks Rodd!

This is a good way to sum up the whole day.

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