Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adult Entertainment

Now, the title of today's post IS relevant, and if you keep reading, you'll see why. Don't worry, no freaky pics or videos (although I know that's what you're hoping for...).

Waking up this morning was almost a repeat of yesterday, but today, a compromise was reached with the alarm clock...hit the snooze button a bunch of times and then roll out of bed. After the usual morning routine, I got out on the road bike, and MAN did my legs ever feel tired and sluggish. But then again, what do you expect after a week of no riding (except for my daily commute, but that doesn't really count). I rode the Cyclelogik loop to Carp, with a few exceptions. First I had to make a little detour, as evidenced here.

4 weeks ago, this little bit of road was COMPLETELY under water.

Second, after Carp, I came back along Old Carp road, which is a fun, rolling dirt road section. As I rolled along, waiting for the asphalt to turn to dirt, I was greeted by the worst ever attempt at paving a road. The dirt had been paved over, but by asphalt that was seriously rougher than the previously existing dirt road (minus the potholes, of course). I felt robbed of my opportunity to sample a tiny little dirt stretch, and instead, was wishing for 30c tires and a steel frame to smooth out the poor excuse of a paving job. Tax dollars hard at work, oh well.

By the time I got home, I had ridden 68 km at an average of 30.6. Hmmmm, so much for feeling tired and sluggish.

The pic below is the reason for today's post. I know, you're gonna be disapointed, but at least I didn't take a picture like this.

Does an adult lifestyle include adult entertainment, adult movies and adult toys? If so, sign me up! *Sigh*, juvenile humour.


  1. Note also that the building company is named "Longwood"...