Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attack of the Killer Mosquitoes!!!!!

Went for a ride at Kanata Lakes yesterday (weather was good, hadn't rained in about TWO days!), figured it would be semi dry. Decided on an out-and-back on Outback, as drainage is good on Outback and it doesn't get boggy. About 5 minutes into my ride, I decided to let some air out of my tires, and no joke, within 5 seconds, I was being SWARMED by mosquitoes. I said forgot about the tires, get back on the bike and RIDE! Anytime I did stop, it was the same deal, 5 seconds, and then a cloud of the little buggers. I never ride with bug just sweats off and is full of nasty shit, but this was one of those RARE times when I would have considered using some. Nothing is worse than hearing the high pitched buzz of a mosquitoes around your ears. Even in the parking lot after the ride, they were relentless. Moral of the story...DON'T STOP RIDING!!

As for the riding, Outback was great...just a few muddy patches, but to be expected with all the rain we've had. I'm gonna brave some riding in Gatineau Park tomorrow...I've heard that some sections of trail 1 are covered in water. We'll see what the day has in store.

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