Tuesday, August 4, 2009

World Cup Downhill at Bromont

This past weekend, this past loooooong weekend, I did absolutely NO riding, nada, zilch, zero. *GASP* I know, it sounds crazy, but there's a perfectly good reason why...

A long time ago (about a year ago), I had plans to do the Wilderness 101, which went down this past weekend. (Big up to Craig who finished what sounds like one of the toughest mountain bike races around.) I was pretty amped to attempt a hundred miler...an off-road century so to speak. However, life has a funny way of making you travel a different road than the one you had originally planned to take, and Sonia and I are expecting our first little one October 2nd. So we decided to take some time out this past weekend for ourselves and get away for a bit. (Better to get that quality time in now!) There was some biking this past weekend, but it didn't involve us. Rather, we spent the weekend at a B&B near Bromont, so we could take in the World Cup downhill, four cross and croos country races that were taking place.

Saturday afternoon was the men's and women's downhill, with four cross going down in the evening. We arrived while the women's finals were taking place, and witnessed some crazy shit going down. What follows is a short photo log of the downhill race.

This is nuts! The speed at which the girls were flying off this gap almost made me crap my shorts!

This pic is from the men's final. This is the Canadian downhill champ, flying off a monster drop.
(Trust me, it was big!)

No write up for this shot...I just like it!

No write up here either, just another pic that I like!

Large crowd lining a technical switchback rock garden.

Steve Peat on his way up to the top. He got a ton of cheers just for taking the chairlift. ROCKSTAR!

Steve Peat on the way down!

Sam Hill.

Not sure who this is, but he bit it hard...

*Just messin' with ya!

If you want to know the results, check here.

Four cross and cross country pics to come tomorrow.

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