Saturday, August 22, 2009

No riding for you!!

No riding for me today, (and too hot for soup). I set the alarm last night with good intentions, I swear. The plan was to get up, grab a quick bite, head out to do the Cyclelogik loop, get back home and have plenty of time to do some painting. But as a lay there this morning, with my alarm clock buzzin' at me, I asked myself :"Do I want to go for a ride, or sleep some more?". Hmmmm, dumb question, really. Sleep always wins. Slam the "off" button and go back to sleep.

Once I was up, and cursing the sunshine and warm weather beckoning, teeeeeeasing me to go out for a ride, I split my time between painting, and entertaining the in-laws, who had dropped by for coffee. Now, I'm not gonna make any cracks or jokes about in-laws, 'cause you never know if they may stumble across this, so I'll just move on with my ranting. So, the painting. The painting I keep referring to is the painting of the nursery...we're 6 weeks away from our due date, and Sonia doesn't think I'll have the nursery done in time. Well, I'll show her! It's about half done now, and I'm gonna work on it some more tomorrow. I decided not to document the progress cause a half painted room just looks bad. (And I mean bad as in bad, not bad as in good.)

Evidence of painting

Hellooooooo?!?!? Can you hear me in there?!?!?

Tomorrow, I should be able to get a ride in. The forecast is calling for cloudy with showers, mostly in the late morning and then all afternoon. That means an early ride. I just have to convince myself while in a dazed state of consciousness that I should get up and go for a ride rather than sleep in on my day off. Wish me luck.

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