Friday, August 28, 2009

Blinded by the Sun

As the days get shorter, I've started to run into a problem on my daily commute. It's a combination of:

1) My commute, to and from work, forces me to ride into the sun. The brightness of the sun and the resulting glare, especially after sunrise, makes it pretty tough to see where the hell I'm going. (You're thinking, "Put on some sunglasses you shmuck", but read point #2).

2) Being genetically pre-disposed to have eyesight that basically sucks, I wear eyeglasses most of the time, and prescription sunglasses cost some mad $$$$$$.

The only way I can wear non-prescription sunglasses is if I wear my contact lenses, but I'm gonna be whiney and whine about how I don't like wearing my contacts all day long.

One option is an "optical adapter". These are made by Rudy Project, and can be fitted with a prescription lens. The adapter can then be clipped into any Rudy Project sunglasses that are made to accept the adapter. Approximate cost is $100-$120. Hmmm, a little expensive. Lets ponder a bit while we look at some pictures.

So this is what my commute looks like:

This pic is looking west, before the intersection of Baseline and Prince of Wales. Taken around 6:30 pm

I stopped and turned around to get this pic of the experimental farm.

However, the morning commute is the real bee-yatch.

Looking east, Baseline and Prince of Wales, approx 6:50am.

Looking east down Kilborn, approx 7:05 am.

Wait a sec, I've got it! A pair of clip on sunglasses from the drugstore. $14.99 baby! AND THEY'RE POLARIZED!!!!!! They've GOTTA be good!!!

Who's that sexy mofo with the clip on glasses?

Awwwwwww shit! They even flip up! Who's the mack now?!?!?!

My new found fashion sense puts this guy to shame:

So now, I can ride to work in comfort (no more squinting) AND style!!! Booya!! My eyes are happy, and I'm the envy of my friends and co-workers. Life couldn't be better, *sigh*.

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