Monday, March 22, 2010

Bike fuel....

I got out for a ride this past Saturday, which started with some fueling on Friday evening:

Montreal smoked meat on rye, a side of poutine and a Mill St. Organic lager at the esteemed ESD (aka Elgin Stree Diner).

 This is a pretty crappy picture. I guess it illustrates how crappy it was out Saturday morning...grey cloudy skies and even a few flurries. Made it tough to leave the house.

It's also hard to leave the house when this is what you've got at home.

For my Saturday ride, this is what I had planned: 3 to 3.5 hours, doing a loop to Carp with a couple side trips thrown in the up the mileage. Go easy for the first hour, moderate for the second hour, and easy again for the third hour. With the wind the way it was, my plan got blown (no pun intended) out the window. Instead, it turned into "hammer against the wind" and then "spin it out with the wind". I would "hammer" riding as hard as I could, look down at my computer and think "Jeez, only 23km/hr???? But then I would change direction, and cruise along at 40km/hr without even trying!

Lots of geese hangin' around the Carp river.

Towards the end of my ride, my legs actually started to cramp on me...I'm talking hamstrings seizing up and not letting me pedal. What the f!@#!!!! This shouldn't be happening!!!! I tried to stretch my hams and massage them while pedaling. A few minutes of this worked the cramps out and allowed me to get home.

After all was said and done, I got in almost 100k, averaging 29.1 km/hr. I figure the cramps were probably due to dehydration...I only had two water bottles with me for my whole ride, and in colder temps, I find I sweat quite a bit underneath the wind proof layers.

The forecast ain't lookin' so hot for the rest of the week, and I refuse to get on the trainer, so it looks like the next ride won't be until Saturday. Just means more time to chill with Lil' D.

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