Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wilderness 101, here I come!

I am officially signed up and registered for what will probably be my biggest, longest, toughest, hilliest, hottest and maybe funnest (I know, funnest is not a real word) event in the upcoming season, Wilderness 101, in Pennsylvania. Just the thought of the race stirs up excitement (this will end up being one hell of an accomplishment), and nervousness....160km in a point to point race, with a sh*t load of climbing and possibly some hella hot temps is something I've never done before.

The above picture makes the race seem like it's not so bad after all. But on closer inspection, apparently, you ride over snakes...snakes and I don't get along. *shudder*

Oh yeah, I guess I should also get my ass in gear and get my passport renewed so I can get into the ol' U.S. of A.


  1. Looks like I've got a traveling buddy!
    Yep, be prepared for snakes, funny enough - almost ran over one rattler and heard another one about two feet away. Yowza! You'll be fine for 101 and you're going to love the course. Looking forward to going back!