Saturday, March 6, 2010

First and last of the season.

Got out riding today, but not bike riding *Gasp!*. I know, it was a glorious day, and the roads were dry as a bone. (Never understood, that one, since the inside of a bone, the marrow, is kinda wet and squishy.) Nope, the riding I did was the on-snow type...snowboarding. I didn't get out at all last year, and this year was also looking bleak. So I seized an open window of opportunity and headed up for a day at Edelweiss. Met my buddy Karl and his brother in-law Matt for a day of snow shreddin'. Conditions were epic (just minus the powder and huge mountains). The sun was out, it was warm, the runs had good coverage and it wasn't too crowded.

 View from the chairlift. In the summertime, I can be found in the hills in the back ground on my bike.

The riding KRU.

 Poutine and beer. I think next winter I need to go snowboarding more just to make this my staple meal.

Karl said I looked angry here. Maybe it's because my poutine and beer cost 13 bucks.

 There was a big air comp goin' down. If you click on the pic, you might be able to see someone going off the hit (he's camouflaged in the trees). I would have entered and showed them how it's done, but I wanted a chill day with my bros.

On the chairlift. The sticker on my board says "Freshjive". I'm fresh. And I can jive, brotha.

The mud field they call a "parking lot".

Glad I managed to get one day in this year. It's biking mode for me now, but I've vowed to go snowboarding more next year (provided we have more snow next winter!).

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