Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend February!

Got in two, that's right, count 'em TWO rides this weekend! Both rides were short, with more focus on intensity than longer base building mileage, mainly due to time constraints.

Saturday, in easy to read point form:

-Sonia sarcastically wished me to "have fun" as I left and she went upstairs to a crying Lil' D.

-Windy, very windy. My route ran from north to south and north again. With a northeasterly wind, my energy was sapped by the end of my ride.

-Riding on a soft,muddy shoulder, against the wind, equals aforementioned sapped energy.

-Because of the wind, riding with music is useless. The draft caused by my speedy riding, combined with the wind, creates so much noise that I have to jack up the volume, making me deaf by the time I get home.

-I witnessed what fluctuations in temperature can do to a smooth stretch of road. It renders in into a wavy, crumbling strip of asphalt. Makes you wonder how much time and effort really goes into repaving our roads.

Sunday's ride was a bonus ride, since I originally had no plans to get out, but I managed to wrangle some time on account of the glorious weather. And I wasn't the only one thinking of riding. I saw a good number of other cyclists on the road, and briefly ran into including Rob, Dave and Trish. They were coming back from riding to Carp...a loop I hope to do in the near future. Only downside was that I completely forgot to bring the camera along with me, but there'll be plenty more opportunities, as I'm ready to welcome spring and pack up the trainer.

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