Monday, March 29, 2010

Firsts of the year

This weekend saw many firsts for my riding season this year:

-first ride to Wakefield
-first non-solo ride (with Craig aka the OBR, see photo #1)
-first ride over 100km
-first climb of the Cascades 18% killer (see photo #2)
-first sore ass of the season
-first time trying Accelerade (see photo #3)

Saturday was pretty damn cold, with a biting wind and evidence of frozen water further north of town. As a result, we kept our stop in Wakefield to a minimum. The return leg home was into a fierce southerly wind that didn't have any warm, southern hospitality.

Craig, cresting one of the climbs near Cascades. This one is relatively short but steep...11%

After climbing the Cascades bee-yatch. I'm in "a bit" of pain here.

So I tried Accelerade for the first time. Not sure what I think of it, yet. My drink of choice for years has been Hammer Perpetuem, but I like to have something else kicking around so I'm not always drinking the same thing, and then getting sick of it. The Accelerade has a good mix of different nutrients, but has a bit of a weird milky taste.

A quick ride on Sunday took me south of Ottawa, amongst the farms and fields.

The thing I like about this part of town is that at times, it almost feels like you could be out West in the middle of the prairies. Yee-Haw!!

This upcoming weekend has LOTS of promise...a long weekend with forecasted highs in the 20's....bring it on!!

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  1. thanks gwad that wasn't a close-up of me, cause you would have seen the spit up, spitter spatter of phelm (the deepest kind) being violently spewn from my mouth as I struggled to breath . . . relatively short my ass . . . that climb seemed to last all day!

    good ride!