Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Journey Through Hell

Coffee table books. They're not something that I go out and buy on a regular basis. I've either gotten them as gifts, or bought them on sale. Well, with Christmas just mere days away, and boxing day with all of its madness almost here, there's no excuse not to add another book to your collection (or get one started). Last year on Boxing Day, I picked up "Paris-Roubaix, A Journey Through Hell", and it is one hell of a book (no pun intended). I'm not about to even attempt to write a review of the book (click the link above for that), but I will tell you that a year after I bought it, I still love to sit down and leaf through it, staring at the incredible photographs.

There is writing in the book, too. Good writing, at that (much better than what I'm capable of). On top of that, the chapters in the book are organized by themes, from the cobbles themselves, to the velodrome where the race finishes. It's a good way to ensure a smattering of pictures from different eras spread throughout the book. The pictures span from the first edition of the "Queen of the Classics", way back in 1896, all the way up to 2005.

In the meantime, you can check out some pictures that I took of pictures from the book. (Hopefully that's all I need to say to cover my ass from some lawsuit happy yahoo.) You can also drop me a line and swing by for a coffee and a flip through the book.




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