Thursday, December 3, 2009

The wind.

Headwind. It sucks. I hate it. Can do without it. You get the picture. When I was looking at today's weather forecast last night, I knew it would be rainy. No problem. Went to bed, slept, got up, looked outside...yup, rain. Checked the weather details: Wind, E 27km/hr. Lovely. 27km/hr headwind. Given the choice between wind and rain, I'll take rain anytime.Cold and rainy over warm and windy any day of the week.

I like commuting to work...I arrive awake and in a good mood. But today, I arrived feeling totally worked over. Part of it has to do with commuting on a fixie. But I guess I shouldn't really complain, 'cause a geared bike would definitely make things a lot easier, and I do have that option. Out of stubborness I just choose not to exercise that option.

So, when I arrived at work, it would have been nice to go back to sleep and then wake up to good cup of hot coffee. Of course, that would NEVER happen. So instead, I worked, and as the day went on, I kept an eye on what the wind was doing. My workplace overlooks St. Laurent Blvd and the Museum of Science and Technology, and there's a nice big flag and a weather vane on top the lighthouse. The flag lets me know how strong the wind is, and the weather vane tells me where the wind is coming from. Pretty neat, huh? Over the course of the day, the weather vane gradually made it's way over to the west, and the flag kept on flappin' in the wind. Just before leaving work, I looked at the weather conditions, just to confirm my suspicions about the wind. And what was the wind doing? West, 31km/hr. YESSSSSS!!!!! Headwind AGAIN! Well, at least I got in two good workouts today.

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  1. The wind always seems to switch making it a double headwind day! Sneaky.