Sunday, December 20, 2009

A week of commuting

I meant to post this a day or two ago, but life happens and some things (like this blog) take a back seat. So, here's a quick synopsis of the last week in my little world of commuting to work.

Monday: The morning commute was warm (relatively speaking...minus 2), but MAD foggy. Since I'm MAD visually impaired (otherwise know as having to wear glasses), I had to wipe off my glasses about every 3 minutes to get rid of the moisture that accumulated on them. Makes an already hairy commute all the more hairier. I sometimes think that if I were alive back in the hunter-gatherer days, natural selection would have taken me out of the picture early on as a saber-toothed tiger that looked like a big fuzzy blurry blob made me his lunch. Hopefully I would have figured out that I would be better off staying home in the cave mackin' the ladies while some other chumps were out hunting.  Oh, and on the way home, there was sleet coming down pelting me in the face. LOVELY.

Tuesday: Morning commute, more sleet, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH. Being nailed in the face with tiny bits of ice is not exactly how I want to start my day, but it sure as hell wakes you up. On the way home, the temps dropped and the wind picked up, forming snow drifts on Baseline road along the Experimental farm. Again....hairy.

Wednesday: No complaints here.

Thursday: Colder than....I don't want to say colder than a witch's tit 'cause that one is overplayed, but it was f@#$*n' cold. On my feet: two layers of socks, shoes, and two outer layers. Down below: a pair of tights and shell pants. Up above: three layers. On my hands: merino liners and lobster mitts. On my head: face mask, fleece hat and helmet. Vaseline went on exposed skin on my face. Made it to work toasty and warm.

I didn't commute on Friday, but I just have to get in 3 more commutes to hit 200 for the year. Cold and clear weather is in the forecast, so it shouldn't be a problem.

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